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Cost Savings & Supply Chain Efficiencies
Company ABC* is one of South Africa’s most prominent FMCG manufacturing and distribution companies. Key to its success has been its unrivalled distribution network. READ MORE
Winning Back Customers
The year is 2006; a world-class [Supplier]* is sitting around a board room table with their key Customer*.  READ MORE
Working Together: The Value of Partnerships
ALIPC’s desire to create strategic Partnerships with those they do business with remains at the foundation of the way they work READ MORE
Do your team discussions go round and round in circles?
You might have a significant stake in a large business. READ MORE
“Merger Disaster” to “One Team, First Time, On-Time, Every Time”
Take two large, independent companies, both manufacturing similar products, each highly profitable and between them, owning 90% of the South African market. READ MORE

We can certainly see the results of the first intervention

Stephen Hayton
Divisional Manager,
DaimlerChrysler, South Africa

The ARGIL philosophy

The Argil philosophy is about listening rather than talking; it’s about “them” (the Customer) ...