Cost Savings & Supply Chain Efficiencies

The Challenge


*To respect the competitive advantage that our Customer has got from the Strategic Customer Growth Process, Company names have been changed.

Company ABC* is one of South Africa’s most prominent FMCG manufacturing and distribution companies. Key to its success has been its unrivalled distribution network.

Customer XYZ* is a brand that is an iconic part of South Africa’s history. However, with increased global competitiveness, cost control was becoming an ever increasing market challenge.
The Argil Strategic Customer Growth Process™ (CS) was initiated with the ultimate goal for Company ABC and Customer XYZ to GROW profit together through joint effort and collaboration.
In order to gain a deeper understanding of what the real measurable drivers were for Customer XYZ, Argil conducted a series of interviews with their key decision makers and influencers. The feedback of the interview results was given at a Joint Workshop which both Company ABC and Customer XYZ attended. Here both parties had the opportunity to work together to deliver win-win solutions.

We can certainly see the results of the first intervention

Stephen Hayton
Divisional Manager,
DaimlerChrysler, South Africa

The ARGIL philosophy

The Argil philosophy is about listening rather than talking; it’s about “them” (the Customer) ...