Winning Back Customers

The Challenge


*To respect the competitive advantage that our Customer has got from the Strategic Customer Growth Process, Company names have been changed.

The year is 2006; a world-class [Supplier]* is sitting around a board room table with their key Customer*. No, they aren’t negotiating the next contract or arguing over a price increase, but instead they are talking…strategically… jointly, to come up with solutions to grow TOGETHER!
The key Customer to [The Supplier]…
“It’s a pleasure for us to know that you are open to drive performance and delivery – this is critical to us. To be able to agree on this TOGETHER is brilliant – this is a great Process. We have decided to risk all the business with you and this is a huge responsibility.”
[The Supplier] commented…
“This process has highlighted how weak our suppliers were and what we must have been like to deal with. We are certainly aware of our responsibility to you and promise to give a lot of our time and attention internally talking about how we can make it better for you.”
However, it wasn’t always like this. In 2003, before Argil’s Strategic Customer Growth Process™, there was NO relationship between the two companies.
“[The Supplier] saw us as a cash cow – they were only interested in our monthly ‘order’ to fill their factory. We needed this key supplier to add value to our business; instead this was from our perspective a ‘high management’ relationship, which revolved around delivering on the basics – Quality and Service Delivery.”

We can certainly see the results of the first intervention

Stephen Hayton
Divisional Manager,
DaimlerChrysler, South Africa

The ARGIL philosophy

The Argil philosophy is about listening rather than talking; it’s about “them” (the Customer) ...