Working Together: The Value of Partnerships

The Challenge


*To respect the competitive advantage that our Customer has got from the Strategic Customer Growth Process, Company names have been changed. The following Case Study involves a leading international packaging company (aka ALIPC) and one of their Customers, a leading manufacturer in South Africa (aka the Customer).

ALIPC’s desire to create strategic Partnerships with those they do business with remains at the foundation of the way they work. This particular journey started ten years ago with a certain level of frustration from both ALIPC and their Customer. From ALIPC’s angle it was a case of not being able to break through with the Customer, “We are not penetrating, or creating value or growth.”

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From the Customer’s angle there were 3 challenges:
  • To return to profitability… with increased competition
  • To reassert innovation as their culture and focus (including technology changes), to ensure they delivered on their Customer needs.
  • In their mind, they were not no. 1 for ALIPC anymore… in the words of the Chairman, “We are in a turnaround phase and our most important Partner is not helping us.”

Although ALIPC was focused on this account, they weren’t part of the Customer’s strategic thinking. It was always short-term thinking, short-term results, and delivering… ACTION! And because of this, the relationship had reached a stalemate. 

We can certainly see the results of the first intervention

Stephen Hayton
Divisional Manager,
DaimlerChrysler, South Africa

The ARGIL philosophy

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