Do your team discussions go round and round in circles?

The Challenge


You might have a significant stake in a large business.Your Executive Management team is made up of experienced, confident self starters who are blunt and direct when giving instructions and each member likes to be in control of any process or project they run. Doesn't this sound like a dream team?

Argil is working with a Customer where the senior executive team is made up of these confident, experienced, self-starters.Put the individuals together as a team though, and they cannot make decisions and stick to them.They continually revisit decisions made previously and discussions go round in circles with the team making no progress in getting to a final decision.

We can certainly see the results of the first intervention

Stephen Hayton
Divisional Manager,
DaimlerChrysler, South Africa

The ARGIL philosophy

The Argil philosophy is about listening rather than talking; it’s about “them” (the Customer) ...