Developing Team

Success in today's markets demands that teams perform at higher levels. Companies demand that people do more with less, which means that team synergy is imperative. High quality teams share values, trust each other, and practice ongoing communication that is swift, clear, and focused on excellence. Teams often work with a "ready-fire-aim" mentality, focusing on results and ignoring processes. People share skills and experience without understanding the values and attitudes driving individual behaviour and team norms. As a result, teamwork is characterised by win/ lose competition, destructive politics, unclear goals, poor communication, and unsound practices.

Our Developing Team Culture Seminar removes barriers and strengthens relationships. How is this seminar different? Other programs work to build team morale or develop specific skills. The results might be powerful, but limited and short lived because the day-to-day issues, behaviours, and consequences aren't confronted. Change doesn't last unless personal values and real-life work issues are targeted. The Grid approach hones in on the actual barriers that people encounter every day. The discussions are candid, structured, and focused on improvement and results. Problems are confronted and resolved. Team members experience the release of confronting and resolving real problems, which raises morale and creates commitment.