Method without
the madness

Argil™ helps create an ongoing independent dialogue and facilitation process between senior management of two organisations that nurtures and develops Partnership teams. view approach chart

The Argil™ process is driven by senior level, seasoned executives capitalising on world-class best-practice tools such as the Strategic Customer Growth Process™ and Grid.

Argil™ supports CEO’s to achieve their vision for their organisation, this means achieving and sustaining the growth goals and objectives. This brings greater focus to the organisation.

Once the vision is established, and the Strategy developed, Argil™ creates an external focus by facilitating the Strategic Customer Growth Process™ with the organisation’s key customers. This process establishes what is working well and what is supporting the strategy, what needs attention and ultimately, what is holding back the strategy.

To support the Strategic Customer Growth Process™, Argil™ also facilitates a process to develop Key Account Management in the organisation.

Finally, to ensure that the organisation delivers on its strategy, Argil™ assists its clients in Building Organisational Effectiveness to develop healthy norms and organisational behaviour. The Organisational Effectiveness Process starts with individual’s behaviours, and then transcends into the teams, and finally cross teams to ensure that the behaviour of the entire organisation shifts to the most effective i.e. developing powerful internal relationships built on trust, openness and honesty.

The Argil™ experience is fun, interactive and immediate.

Change is visible from the beginning.

Argil™ is a small, nimble organisation facilitating customised processes that support the enlightened CEO’s vision.