Creating Strategic
Growth Conversations

Most organisations spend all their time having the wrong conversations for growth. These day-to-day tactical conversations focus on the “basic deliverables” i.e.

  • “What’s your best price/ your price is out?”
  • “When can you deliver?”
  • “Your quality is an issue for us”
  • “We can never get quick response - you are always in meetings"

The outcomes of such conversations are likely to be:-

  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of credibility
  • We win/ you lose results
  • Insecurity
  • No transparency
  • Reactive, defensive behavior – being on the “back foot”
  • No value created
  • No real growth

Through the Argil Strategic Customer Growth Process™, we will help your organisation move away from these tactical conversations only, enabling you to have the necessary strategic conversations around:

  • Strategic Alignment - aiming toward shared goals and objectives
  • Unlocking the synergistic value of you and your Customer’s organisations
  • Challenging the behaviours needed to support absolute trust, integrity and transparency
  • Answering the question - ‘Together, how can we create Value?”

The outcomes of these Argil&trade facilitated strategic conversations are:

  • Creating trust, openness and commitment to win/win solutions
  • Finding ways to grow together.
  • Transparency and integrity of communication and information sharing
  • Sharing of resources to create synergistic value
  • Creating interdependency and integration of operations, systems and processes
  • Finding ways for both to grow exponentially through revenue/ market share expansion, as well as through significant savings in the supply chain.

For examples of how Argil’s Strategic Customer Process delivers results by creating these conversations, click on “Case Studies”.