The Strategic
Customer Growth Process

What we do

In a nutshell we identify levers needed to deliver long term, profitable growth for organisations. We ask questions, get into the minds of your customers, and then align strategies based on these insights.

The future of your organisation depends on the quality of your customer conversations and the actions that follow. You must know where you are with your customers and what value you represent to their strategy. We promote on-going independent dialogue and a facilitation process between senior management of two organisations. Our process takes customer relationships beyond price, towards value focused solutions and strategic alignment.

A structured process is followed to develop deep, strategic and long term partnerships.


  • Mobilise the senior management team
  • Identify and clarify measurement criteria
  • Internal assessment, “Where do we think we are with our customer?”


  • Customer interviews conducted to establish the current reality
  • Customer feedback to the senior management team


  • Joint growth strategy is developed with client and customer
  • Growth plans are jointly implemented

How we can help


If you are wanting to answers to questions like these, Argil is the solution to creating the next level of sustainable and profitable growth.
  • How to align key suppliers to strategy
  • How to ensure key suppliers are adding value to our customer by removing complexity and cost from the value chain
  • How key suppliers can help to grow top line revenue
  • Which processes create value in internal operations
  • What the constraints and complexities are that impact on costs
  • How to motivate staff to execute today’s business strategy in a way that is aligned to the strategic direction
  • How to manage projects, programmes and portfolios to realise and deliver on strategy
  • How well customers’ strategic needs are understood
  • How to change the conversations with customers to become more strategic and at the right level
  • To define value proposition and how it differentiates you from the competition
  • What the 3-5 year strategic plan is and how it aligns with key customers
  • How to develop strategic partnerships that not only support, but drive mutual growth