Building Internal
Capabilities I

The first step to organisational change is to get leaders to better understanding their own leadership style, other leadership styles, and key leadership skills. The Building Internal Capabilities I Seminar immerses participants in leadership learning. For over 40 years Grid training has been building individual and organisational leaders throughout the world.

Participants in Building Internal Capabilities I Seminars develop and strengthen:

  • Their self awareness
  • The ability to work soundly with others to maximize results
  • A willingness to embrace change
  • The courage and skills to resolve conflict
  • Vision to stimulate progress
  • Making consensus decisions
  • The skills for continuous improvement

Most participants in our Building Internal Capabilities Seminar I say it was the most powerful and unique seminar they have ever taken. In a survey of over 2,000 participants, including many top business leaders, 99 percent (yes, 99 percent!) said they would recommend the seminar to a colleague or friend.

Once individual leadership skills have been developed, the Grid focus turns to team building, where relationship excellence is explored through enhanced team performance.